Meet the first truly visual and interactive lens learning application.

Learn to use photographic lenses the easy way.

Works for any iOS 5.0 or newer device.

Many apps are only now available for newer devices and require at least iOS 6.0 to run. This blocks many users and we think it's very bad. This is why LensTutorial will work for older devices such as iPad 1, iPhone 4 and the like.

The Team

We value

We love simplicity and visual appeal. Picture is worth a thousand words. Even hardest math looks easy when you look at pictures, and thus LensTutorial was born. We'd love to ease your photographic learning curve so you can spend more time taking pictures.

We are

A small team of photographic geeks. We use our own software in daily life, sometimes finding new insights and ways of use. Follow us on our blog to learn more.

Write us if you run into a problem or have a suggestion.

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