Angle of view

How angle of view is affected by a zoom lens that you have? Tweak the visual controls of  Lens Tutorial application and see for yourself. Did we tell you that you’ll also get hard numbers if you want?

Angle of view (sometimes also called Field of View) specifies how much space in degrees can fit into the photograph. Angle of view can be vertical and horizontal. LensTutorial shows horizontal angle of view as the main parameter. If you also want to know the vertical field of view, file a request here.  The current version does not output it to the screen.

Changing angle of view can have very profound impact on your photographs from aesthetic  point of view. Wide angle emphasizes foreground by making close objects appear slightly larger and distance objects appear smaller than they are, creating exaggerated feeling of perspective. Wide angle lenses are very popular with landscape and architectural photographers. Shooting at narrow angles provided with telephoto lenses allows to make distance objects appear closer to the camera. Compare two pictures illustrating drastically different angles of view.

Wide angle emphasizes foreground and makes background appear further than it is.

Narrow angle of view

Small angle of view zooms into the scene and bring distant objects to the viewer.